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Volunteering Rule Changes from 29th March

Can I start volunteering again?

From 29th March, people will no longer be legally required to stay at home, meaning people will no longer be legally required to undertake their volunteer role from home unless they cannot reasonably do so. From this date forward, people should continue to volunteer from home where possible and they can leave home to volunteer if they are not required to self-isolate for any reason.

· People can meet in groups of any size, indoors or outdoors, while volunteering.

· Volunteering which cannot be done from home can continue in closed business or venue while it remains closed to the public.

· Businesses/venues, community centres and libraries which are otherwise required to close or restrict their activities are permitted to open and be used, including by volunteers, for a number of specific purposes only.

·  Accommodation such as hotels, B&Bs and holiday lets, which are otherwise ordered to close, are permitted to open for people who need to stay for volunteering purposes

As ever, people should follow social distancing guidance while volunteering outside the home, or COVID-secure guidance if in a workplace. While travelling to volunteer or while volunteering, people should follow safer travel guidance.

Step 2 in the Roadmap (12th April)

Restrictions changed on 12th April in the roadmap. The rules for volunteering remain the same as above.

Covid Testing for Volunteers
Everyone in England without symptoms of Coronavirus can now take a free rapid test twice a week. The Government has advised that people who need to leave the home to work or volunteer should be tested twice a week. Find out more about regular rapid Covid testing

I’m clinically extremely vulnerable, can I volunteer?

From 1st April, clinically extremely vulnerable people will no longer be advised to shield. Like everyone else, people in this group should volunteer from home where possible. They can also choose to volunteer outside the home. However, they’re advised to take extra steps to keep themselves safe. This includes minimising:

  • the number of social interactions they have
  • the time they spend in places where they can’t maintain social distancing

What volunteering opportunities are available?

We have lots of opportunities to volunteer on our website at the moment, both at home and in person.

See the opportunities we have now

I Need Help

If you need some help with finding and applying for volunteering roles, or aren’t sure what you can or can’t do at the moment, please speak to our Volunteer Development Manager, Becky – becky@tslkirklees.org.uk.

You can text/phone/WhatsApp her on 07776 588691.

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Covid-Safe Volunteering

If you are volunteering in lockdown, please make sure that you are staying safe and are up-to-date with the current rules and guidance.

From 29th March, you should continue to volunteer from home where possible unless you cannot reasonably do so. You can leave home to volunteer if you are not required to isolate for any reason. Please make sure that you are following the guidelines to stay safe.

From 12th April, we move to Step 2 of the Government's lockdown easing roadmap.  This is when charity shops, libraries, and community centres can reopen, and cafes can serve people outside, which will mean that more people will be volunteering outside their homes and we may start to get more new volunteering opportunities.

If you are looking for a volunteering role, please visit our I Want To Volunteer page.

Find out more about the lockdown rules for volunteering